Thursday, April 24, 2014


"The Great All Knowing White Blacula"
featuring the hits "Pyramid Twist", "Son of a Creature Man" & "The Great All Knowing"
Out May 19th 2014 on download or limited edition CD from
also available from iTunes, Spotify etc...

"The Great All TOURING White Blacula"
Liverpool - 23rd May - Sound Food & Drink
Birmingham - 25th May - Alfie Birds
London - 28h May - Guided Missile at the Buffalo Bar (+ McDonalds)
Paris - 29th May - Cantine De Belleville (+ Louis Lingg & The Bombs)
Saint Lauren Blangy - 30th May - Taverne Des Gaulois
Monchy Breton - 31st May -Tartous Et Compagnie 

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Dance Sequence From "Salto"
Siekiera - Szewc Zabija Szewca
45 Grave - Wax (Live)
The Shower Scene From Psycho - Georgie Girl
Bone Orchard - The Mission
Frank Zappa - Plastic People
The Elastic Band - Spazz
The Trons - Trons Theme
Deadbolt - Down In The Lab
Bongwater - You Don't Love Me Yet (Live, with Screamin' Jay Hawkins)
Geto Boys - Mind Playing Tricks On Me
Nina Hagen - Smack Jack
The Wipeouters - Twist N' Launch
Matia Bazar - Elettrochoc
Tielman Brothers - Black Eyes Rock
James Chance And The Contortions - Contort Yourself (Live)
Terry And The Blue Jeans - Yakkosann
Goblin - Suspiria (Live)
Kurt Dirt - I'm Filth
Dave Neurotic, Young Zeus and the Duffinator - Gym
Panther Burns - Train Kept A Rollin' (Live)
Pere Ubu - Birdies (Live)
PFFFR - 3 Murdered 5 Dead / Hurricane
Shatners Bassoon - This Is How You Make A Buck

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