Thursday, August 7, 2014

White Blacula VS Andrew WK

"... White Blacula, fast becoming one of my favourite local bands and deserving of a much more appreciate audience than they received. With tunes perhaps slightly too extravagant for this gig, the band still delivered fantastically, with their saxophone player crowd-surfing (while still playing his saxophone) during The Great All Knowing, towards the end of their set.

Rousing renditions of Sharp Elbows and Pyramid Twist showed their full, riotous force. The audience grew more involved as their set went on, reacting well to their final song and new single The Big Release, but White Blacula are perhaps slightly more advanced than the crowd expected. Their sax player – dressed in a bikini and pair of Daisy Dukes – has the best eyebrows in showbusiness, too."
-Chris Burgess (

Read the full review here.

Monday, August 4, 2014


White Blacula - The Big Release
Grüppe - La Deux
The Pop Group - Where There's a Will...
Servotron - People Mover
DAF - Leibe Auf Den Ersten Blick
Bad Brains - Attitude
Flipper - Brainwash
I Spit On Your Gravy - Piranha
Inca Babies - Plenty More Mutants
Hot N' Horrid - Hot & What? (Promo Reel)
US Maple - State Is Bad
Spratleys Japs - Don't You Ail, Flash The Sea To Steam
Man... Or Astroman? - Lo Batt
TOBACCO - Streaker
God Bullies - Cemetery
Leigh Bowery - Hail To The New Puritans (The Fall & Gavin Friday - Copped It)
Samia Gamal - (??? movie clip - anyone know the film/song?)
Al Caiola - Experiment In Terror
Jaques Dutronc - Hippie Hippie Hourrah
Complete - Hoogie Boogie Land
Kurt Dirt - Grandma In The Attic
Giobia - Introducing Night Sounds
Christian Death - Burnt Offerings
Experimental Sonic Machines - 09/05/2013
Crass - Yes Sir, I Will (Full Album)